Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Fun Challenge, day 4: We like it Hot Hot Hot

For day 4 of the Summer Fun Challenge by Neverlandnailblog, design your nails to match the summers scorching temperatures...

I grabbed my inspiration from the very source of the heat, the sun. You know those pictures of the sun up close & it's on fire & looks like a big ocean of hot & hotter?

I wanted to portray the fire sizzling off the sun & filling every space with it's scorching hot glow. For the center of the sun I put 3 dots of acrylic red, yellow & orange & used a toothpick to swirl into a circle, for the rays I piled the colors on top of each other & used the toothpick to drag from the center out. For the rest of the fingers I made a messy dotted gradient so it looked like to sun is so hot they are melting together, I wanted it to look like it was in motion, like the sun was alive. Here is my summer hot hot hot design:


  1. WOW! This is absolutely stunning! I love it xo

    1. Thanks...I really wanted it to look alive, I think it carried that perception well:-)