Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Fun Challenge, Day 1: Grill Master

Neverlandnailblog has come up with another nail art challenge, this one is called Summer Fun! I got so excited as I was reading each day inspirations started popping in my head like crazy, thank you Lindsey! 

Day 1: Grill Master

For this challenge I took my inspiration from a cool apron I found called "License to Grill" giving my inspiration a James Bond feel to a casual affair. I used a basic white base nail color on all my nails. Then used black acrylic for the tux, bow ties & the little grill. For my thumb I used red acrylic paint over my white base to form the circle, outlined with black & hand wrote my Tittle in the middle. Here is my Grill Master design: (queue James Bond music here: "dadada, dadada, dadada, da da")



  1. i love your interpretation of this. it's so silly.

    1. lol, yeah, I was going to do like a hot coals & grill marks kinda look & then as I was searching for some inspiration pictures I came across that apron & thought it would be original & funny! Thanks for lookin'!