Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Girly-Girl Challenge, Day 4:Inspired by the Runway

Day 4 of the Girly-Girl challenge: "Inspired by the Runway"

I love this idea & I immediately started Googling fashion runway looks that I wanted to imitate on my nails.Take a look at all the lovely colors & styles of fashion on the runway & you are literally overflowing with ideas one after the other until you have to narrow it down to your absolute favorite & which you feel expresses the most inspiration for you. This is so hard to do. I found this pretty color block dress that was just lovely, I really liked the color combo, so I figured "why not!"

My inspiration.

Once again using Sache Vite for both my base & my top coats. I then painted my entire nail a pretty pale gold shimmer from Revlon called Gold Get 'Em, for the other block colors I used a greige color from e.l.f. called Desert Haze & a bright orange from the brand "Savvy" that I found @ Sallys called Orange You Happy. And for the tip I used Zoya Cynthia to tie it all in.

Here's my Girly-Girl challenge, Day 4, Runway inspired look:

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