Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Girly-Girl Challenge:

I've seen quite a few challenges along my journey into the wonderful world of nail art enthusiasts. I've been dying to take up one of these challenges but having to change my nail design every single day can be a bit challenging especially when you have full time job, a part time job, a hubby, a bunch of animals & house to take care of, plus a hobby that takes time away from day to day duties. Not to let that actually get in the way of my fun I thought I'd start small & work my way to a bigger challenge. I found this Girlie Girl challenge on Neverland Nail blog & thought that it was a good start, over the next month you will see each of the designs I have come up with for each challenge that she created. And here's the list, (I edited only the layout of the list I saw on Neverlands blog a little just for presentation sake, she has complete creator rights to this challenge):

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hawaii vacation nails!

My dear sister treated me to a Hawaii vacation for my birthday this year. She works as a manager for a timeshare vacation call center so has access to all their resorts around the world for a really good price. So we headed on our way for 5 days in Hawaii.

The vacation started out pretty lovely, I hopped on a plane to Seattle, where she lives, & spent a couple days there seeing the sights. We packed Sunday night & headed to the airport Monday morning on our way to Kona island in Hawaii. Then there was an engine light & we had to disembark from the plane & wait....2 hours later we boarded again, another problem was found & we got off the plane again & waited...this happened 3 times until finally 7 hours later we take off...whew. This, of course, lost us an entire day in Hawaii because our flight itself was a 6 hr flight on top of the 7 hr delay (insert sad face here)! But anyhow, we finally made it & had a wonderful time. We went to the beaches, swam with 200 wild dolphins in the open ocean, went para-sailing, shopping & hung out at a local restaurant with live music & drinks:


My Big Sis!

Of course I also had to create a nail design to suit the occasion & after much debate I settled on sunsets & silhouettes. I used a pretty shinny yellow & a bright pink with a gold shimmer to make my sunset fade (can't remember the names or brands of the colors I used, sorry, but any yellow or pink will do). First I applied the  yellow on my entire nail, then I used some cheap eye shadow applicators to create the faded look with my pink polish by putting the polish on the applicator & dabbing it on my nail. After it dried a little I used some basic black acrylic paint to do the silhouettes. Here is the finished result:

I had to edit the pictures because my little camera that I took for the trip didn't capture the colors just right, this is the best I could do!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cinco de Mayo FIESTA nails:

A little late but.....HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!!!! hope y'all had fun, here's the design I did for my FIESTA nails:

Angie's Daisies

Had a friend over & she had just had fake nails removed so her fingernails were really super short & a little weak from the removal of the artificial nails. So, I shared with her the wonderful solution that I had found to get her natural nails strong, mavala scientifique that I had found so helpful when I first stopped getting my nails done & wanted my natural nails to be beautiful. I applied the solution & offered to paint her nails to show her that even teeny tiny nails can look pretty, elegant & fun!

Her favorite color is blue so I used a gorgeous blue as a base, I can't remember the brand, & then painted some pretty white daisies. I also put a cute little butterfly on each of her ring fingers as an accent, here is the final result:

Friday, May 4, 2012


2 weeks ago my hubby & I got free tickets to see the new Avengers movie before the official opening night, we stood in line for about 5 hours, got to be on a TV advertisement for Marvel that you can see here on youtube (we're the couple @ 1.25) it was a blast...the movie is amazing & so much fun!

So, when AMC advertised that they were going to be having a Marvel Movie Marathon day on May 3rd playing Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor, Hulk, Captain America & Avengers, well we couldn't resist & jumped on the chance to have a full day of superhero enthusiasm with all our fellow nerds!

Me & my Hubby

With our friend holding up our Marathon passes

I, of course, also decided that the day would not feel complete if I didn't do an Avengers nail design. So without further ado, here is the completed look:


From pinky to thumb: Black Widow, Loki, Iron Man, Nick Fury & Thor

From pinky to thumb: Spider Man, Captain America, Hulk, Hawkeye & the Avengers "A"