Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hawaii vacation nails!

My dear sister treated me to a Hawaii vacation for my birthday this year. She works as a manager for a timeshare vacation call center so has access to all their resorts around the world for a really good price. So we headed on our way for 5 days in Hawaii.

The vacation started out pretty lovely, I hopped on a plane to Seattle, where she lives, & spent a couple days there seeing the sights. We packed Sunday night & headed to the airport Monday morning on our way to Kona island in Hawaii. Then there was an engine light & we had to disembark from the plane & wait....2 hours later we boarded again, another problem was found & we got off the plane again & waited...this happened 3 times until finally 7 hours later we take off...whew. This, of course, lost us an entire day in Hawaii because our flight itself was a 6 hr flight on top of the 7 hr delay (insert sad face here)! But anyhow, we finally made it & had a wonderful time. We went to the beaches, swam with 200 wild dolphins in the open ocean, went para-sailing, shopping & hung out at a local restaurant with live music & drinks:


My Big Sis!

Of course I also had to create a nail design to suit the occasion & after much debate I settled on sunsets & silhouettes. I used a pretty shinny yellow & a bright pink with a gold shimmer to make my sunset fade (can't remember the names or brands of the colors I used, sorry, but any yellow or pink will do). First I applied the  yellow on my entire nail, then I used some cheap eye shadow applicators to create the faded look with my pink polish by putting the polish on the applicator & dabbing it on my nail. After it dried a little I used some basic black acrylic paint to do the silhouettes. Here is the finished result:

I had to edit the pictures because my little camera that I took for the trip didn't capture the colors just right, this is the best I could do!



  1. Love ur nails and totally jealous of ur holiday!

    1. Thanks! my hubby's jealous too, this was a "girls only" trip so I don't think I'll ever hear the end of it, lol!