Monday, January 14, 2013

Liquid Sand

Yay, I got my Mariah Carey liquid sand "Stay the Night", it's very unique & I found it quite gorgeous! There have been a few posts about her liquid sand collection & the general consensus is that this color is hands down the favorite of the bunch. I have to agree, it's just so unique, drying to a matte finish with a kinda bumpy feel while still having so much sparkle to it, is just wonderfully intriguing to look at. I heard one girl describe is as looking like hot lava. I had it on my nails for about 5 days & there was no chipping at all, I could tell it would've probably lasted quite a bit longer, the only reason I took it off was because I snagged my pinky really low & had to cut all my fingernails to match (yes, i'm one of "those" girls). So after I cut them, they just didn't look quite right & so now I'm wearing something neutral until they grow just a little bit. But I was terribly upset I had to take it off & can't wait to wear it again. All pictures are 3 layers, but they looked the same with 2, next time I will just put on 2 layers.

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