Monday, January 21, 2013

Holographic x3

I spent about 3 hours Sunday sketching one of my tattoo concepts; I'm hoping to eventually have enough money to do a 1/2 sleeve & have been devising my design for a few years trying to get it just right. It's a big decision & it's gotta be right. Anyhow, by the time I was done with that I guess all my creative juices had been used up because I tried several nail art designs for my weekly change up ( I usually change my design every Sunday) but was unhappy with all of them. Finally I just figured I'd wear a solid color that made me happy until inspiration struck me again. So I put on one of my holo polishes, China Glaze QT, & as I was putting it on I was inspired to combine a couple of my other holo's to make a simple accent nail. Here are a few pictures of the resulting holographic heaven :-) The other 2 polishes are Nubar Reclaim & Butter London Fishwife.

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