Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Naked nails, that is, lol! A rare view of my natural nails, with just a little clear coat on. I decided to give my nails a little breather, & by that I mean I had this clear coat on for about 1/2 a day before adding some color. My fellow nail polish enthusiasts can attest that this is a HUGE feat for such as myself who adore & are obsessed with polish & nail art.

In the pictures you can see my nail tips are nice & white & my nails look overall very healthy thanks to what I call "the miracle product" Mavala Scientifique. I also have a bit of oil on & cream so they look a bit shiny. I put an old picture of what my nails used to look like after about 2 weeks of using Mavala products, you can see that they have much improved. You shoulda' seen them before I used it but at that time I didn't really photograph my nails so unfortunately I don't have a comparison. Anyways, here goes:

Right Hand

Left Hand

1 year ago

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