Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Crackle binge continues...

...So since I'm on a crackle binge I figured I should go ahead & try a couple more color combos with my unused crackle colors, so I set out to do just that. I had mentioned in my last Crackle post that I had gotten bored with the trend pretty quickly, I didn't really like any of the color combos I had tried & so they got tucked away in the back of my polish stash & forgotten. Even with my new found inspirations, I probably won't be using these crackle polishes very regularly, so I may as well post while I have this itch before it goes away, lol!

The colors I've picked out for the base of my crackle combos are: Orly Royal Navy, W7 Metallic Jupiter & from the OPI Skyfall collection On Her Majesty's Secret Service & The Spy Who loved Me

My Crackle Polishes: CG Crushed Candy, LaRosa Snow White, LaRosa Magenta & Sally HansenVintage Violet

Base: The Spy who loved Me
Crackle: Sally Hansen Vintage Violet

Base: W7 Metallic Jupiter
Crackle: LaRosa Magenta

Base: Orly Royal Navy
Crackle: LaRosa Snow White

Base: On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Crackle: China Glaze Crushed Candy

Which was your favorite? I'm having a hard time deciding because each combo fit so nicely together, I was pleasantly surprised, but if I had to pick it would be the last one. I am still a fan of the black over all of these, & it's the one I will definitely get the most usage out of.


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, it's like having a little "mood swing", I'll love it for a day & then can't wait to get it off, lol!

  2. I love the blue and white combination!

    1. You know, when I had that one on I thought it would be lovely in the summer. I like how well the white crackled & the stark contrast of the two colors.