Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Stamping Contest

I have a quick little post, I found a contest on one of the blogs I follow called Creative Nail Design by Sue & decided to give it a go. I hardly ever stamp, but I really do need the practice, & the first prize was the kicker...Butter London, oh my!) But it's a lovely idea & so I grabbed all my stamp plates & stared at them for a while, finally I chose one that I think is super cute & just went with it.

For my polish color I chose Orly Royal Navy, if you haven't gotten this polish it is simply the most gorgeous blue ever, I mean really...EVER! I then used the little buttons on Konad stamping plate M16 & my white Konad polish to stamp with. I added an angled french tip with white polish & accentuated with little black stitch lines using black polish & a thin art brush.

Here is my result & entry to the Stamping Contest: (please forgive the sorry state of my cuticles, I had a big clean up day & didn't wear gloves. Tsk, tsk, I know!)

This pic was taken outside, no sun today.

Here's a pic of the polish before the design, indoor soft lighting shows off the pretty  teal shimmer


  1. Wish you good luck at the contest! Love the Orly base color it goes perfectly together with that white polish!

    1. Thanks! it is a lovely color, I don't normally wear a lot of blue, I prefer greens or teal, but this one is just gorgeous!

  2. Very pretty! Your stamping came out great!