Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mavala miracle products saved my nails....

So back in the day, after I finally stopped biting my nails, I still had problems with actually growing them out. They would chip, split, top layers would peel off, they were soft & bendable, just so much trouble & I tried so many things. Some products sorta worked, others would fix one issue & cause another, some were just a bit of a hassle overall. Then I stumbled on a video on YouTube, I don't remember her channel right now, but I had watched her nail art tutorials many times but this time she was sharing how she got her nails so long & strong, the secret...Mavala Scientifique nail  hardener. Immediately I had to try it, so I searched on eBay (I'm an ebay-aholic) WOW, this stuff was AMAZING!!! Saw results after 1 week, you only have to apply twice a week at the beginning of your usage & once a week after your nails have gotten better. Truly a miracle product that I would recommend to everybody. They also have a really good cuticle remover, cuticle growth cream & hand cream that I have already tried & loved, as well as other beauty products that I'm sure are very good. They got it right & if you have problems like I've mentioned above you should definitely get this!

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