Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mom's English Roses

Inspired by my Mom
Roses were my Mom's favorite flower. Every time I smell one it reminds me of her. Painting roses makes me feel nostalgic, wishful & romantic. I had been wanting a dark green polish for so long & I finally found a beautiful one from Wet n Wild, unfortunately named Morbid. It only seemed right to make something that sounds like a depressing color into something romantic & beautiful. The color is just divine, & you will see, the roses turned out simply perfect & display the green beautifully.

English rose teacup inspiration

First I started with my CND sticky base coat that I've been using recently & really love, then I painted 2 coats of Wet n Wild Morbid & let dry for about 5min. I used FOLK ART metallic acrylic paints to paint the roses, leaves & dots, you can see in the picture bellow L-R: 493 Metallic Bright Red, 2484 Champagne, 2480 Royal Gold & 671 Metallic Peridot:

I also used a little finishing touch on the leaves with the Wet n Wild Morbid, to add a little more depth to the leaves, waited about 5min & finished with INM Out the Door top coat. Bellow is the finished look, I took a few different pictures to try & capture the color in different lights. (video tutorial coming as soon as I figure out how to edit, lol!)

As close to the "true color" as I could get

Hope ya'll have a lovely day, think of someone you love & smile!


  1. omg you're an artist!!!!! and your mom is sooo pretty.

    oh gosh, my boy? i think he's the cutest. hahahaha. there's only one cute baby in the whole wide world, and every mom has it.

    1. Thank you so much, I love all things artsy & painting nails has become my little 'zen' moment! Very clever how you worded about there being only one cute baby in the world, so true, & you really do have just the cutest little boy...congrats! My hubby & I are trying for our first, so fingers crossed & prayers are being said! Thanks for stopping by!