Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cats & Dogs & Hubby's, oh my...

Husband tag! This is my dear Hubby who puts up with my craziness every day, Thank you baby!

Maria, aka. Pumpkin
Marco & Maria, born in my house on Cinco de Maio, therefore the Latin names. Their mom was hit by a car while pregnant with them, luckily she survived & had these little angels, but being feral she eventually ran away. Since I was very involved with them since birth they think I am their mommy. Maria waits for me to come home every day & doesn't leave my side when I am home. Marco reserves a spot on my chest every night for bed time, Maria at my feet.

This is Hobbes, we rescued him from BARC. He is a "crazy psycho jungle cat". He loves to play fetch & tag with his Daddy, he thinks he's one of the dogs. BIG Daddy's boy!

Meet Bella le Poof. Our pretty mini princess, also a rescue from BARC, she's so tiny but don't let her size fool you, she can hang with the big boys any day.

PUMA, aka: the Fluffmeister, all cuddles & play makes this kitty ok...unless you are a dog, sorry, he just doesn't like dogs. But we're working on it.

Our Russian Blue: Manny, aka. CHUNK, aka. "Grey Feather". Wish I had a better picture that showed his beautiful green eyes, but he is always sleeping or barely awake. He loves to lay on your belly, but he's quite a big cat, that's why we gave him the Indian name "Grey Feather" cause he thinks he's light as a feather, lol.

Abigail, aka. ABBY: Daddy found her running in the middle of the freeway on his way to Austin, she was so tired & dirty. She is such an athlete, she can clear a 6 ft. fence, so we had to build an 8 ft. one. Don't even pretend there's a squirrel, she'll be half way up the tree looking for it. If you want to calm her down though, all you gotta do is rub the chest...what a sweetheart. 

And last, but definitely not least if she has anything to say about it, we have "I'm so cute, I'm so pretty" ALLY. Somebody dumped her in the alley behind our house, some jerk's loss was our gain because she is just the sweetest thing. Always the center of attention, so sensitive & a big Daddy's girl. 

Well, that's all I got for today...more to come soon!
Have a blessed day!

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