Thursday, October 4, 2012

Steven Tyler nails, because I must!

I have long adored Aerosmith, Steven Tyler is a rock GOD! Theirs was the first cassette tape, yes I said cassette tape, that I purchased with my own money. They were also the first non-christian music that I ever really listened to, & I had to hide the tape from my parents cause it wasn't allowed, lol, love you Dad! Favorite song: Hole in my Soul. I first saw this design done by Kelsie & she got inspired by both Steven & another lovely lady that I follow Sammy, you can see both their interpretations of the now iconic nails on the links I have provided. Here is my take:


Natural light


  1. Great inspiration. The last photo is gorgeous, shows how straight and neat are does lines. Love it.

    1. Thanks! I got a lot of compliments that it looked elegant & I'm like "thanks, I'm copying a rocker!" lol.

  2. This is beautiful, I love the colors!!