Tuesday, October 2, 2012

LDTTWC, day 7: You're timeless to me!

I had several ideas for this day as there are so many classic & timeless styles. Some of my favorite timeless looks include: Pencil skirts, pumps, trench coats & LBD's. So when thinking of these things & what I can translate on my nails LBD is out of the picture because that would basically be a plain black nail, I tried to think of how exactly I could a translate a pencil skirt & pumps into a design, hmmm...maybe not. So, the decision was the trench coat. So I'm Googling trench coats to get inspiration & found out they were invented by Burberry, I'm fairly new to fashion so don't laugh that I didn't know that. But then it hit me, I haven't gotten to do a Burberry Tartan design yet & I've wanted to & it's just beginning fall season so it's perfect. The Burberry company has been around since 1856 & the fact that their signature trench coats & tartan design are still popular today speaks volumes for their style genius. 

I used ELF desert haze for my base & then used a white polish from sally hansen to do the white criss cross pattern. After that dried a little I used black & red acrylic paints for the pattern detail.


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    1. Thank you. They were fairly easy to create, I just had a little trouble keeping the lines straight on my right hand. But this is definitely going to be an Autumn staple from now on.

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    1. Thanks. They turned out to be a big compliment magnet at work, so I'll be pulling this design out more often.

  3. I love this! You definitely should pull this design more often ;)