Tuesday, October 9, 2012

LDTTWC, day 8: Let's do the time warp challenge again!

It's a sad day, the challenge is over. I'd like to thank Lindsey for her creativity & organization of this challenge. I'd like to thank Nail Polish Canada for sponsoring this challenge. And I'd like to thank all the ladies who participated, I found new sites to obsess over & new ideas to recreate.

For today's final challenge I get to do just that, recreate a design done by one of the lovely ladies participating in in this challenge. I chose Tammy's day 4 nail art , Arsenic & Old Lace, for a couple reasons; 1. I love old movies, especially ones with Cary Grant. 2. It has lace on it, I'm a sucker for lacy things. 3. Tammy is an incredible artist & has beautiful work, I hope I can do her justice.

I used W7 Mercury, from the W7 Metallic planets collection, as my base. I found a set on eBay but I can't find them anywhere now, the colors are amazing, I think there are about 5 in this particular metallic set. I did a design with the one called Venus a while back, but they are all just beautiful so if you come across the W7 Metallic Planet set I would advise you to grab it as it is a rare & fabulous find. I don't have a stamping plate with a lace pattern so I did a freehand version with some acrylic paint. I used my new Dazzle Dry top coat that I am in love with, everybody should get on the dazzle band wagon, this stuff is fantastic! Here is my Arsenic & Old Lace design, & here I bid adieu as the challenge comes to a close.


  1. Love!!! Your freehand lace is spectacular!

    1. Thanks! Yours with lovely & I adore that movie. thanks for the inspiration.