Monday, December 3, 2012

Where in the World Challenge: Denmark

#7 Denmark: Hmmm, what can I do for Denmark....GOOGLE "what is Denmark famous for?" oh goodie, Hans Christian Andersen FAIRY TALES, this is going to be FUN, now I just have to pick one.

Well it was a tough choice, but I went with Little Mermaid because I just love that story, both  the original & the Disney version. And the colors I get to use are stunning:-), hehe! One of the other girls picked the same story as well, you can see her design here.

For my Little Mermaid I decided to do just one accent nail to look like a mermaid tail. I used OPI Catch me in your Net for my base color on all my nails, it's a beautiful teal glitter polish that looks a lot more green in person. I then outlined my tail pattern with black acrylic paint on my accent nail & filled in using various blues & greens.

Indoor bright light

Outdoor Sunlight

I took another pic inside with bright light but at an angle
so you can see the green tone to this polish, it also looks better
with the white background too, I think.


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    1. Thanks! I couldn't help myself, I just love these colors, I almost did the Lego!

  2. I love it! The ring finger is so cool! Thank you for the link!