Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Geek Nail Challenge #4: Ultimate Geek

For the last & final day of the Geek Nail Challenge created by girlonashoestring, the question is presented "what makes you a Geek?" There are many facets of a person that will put the "Geek" label on someone, for me there are quite a few things that all add up to me being a total Geek & I own it, I am a complete Geek & quite proud of it:-)

To name a few, here are some things that I love that make me a Geek:

-Comics/Graphic Novels

Take all those things & put them in movies & my "geek" flag with fly in full color, lol. I will take the day off, stand in line for hours, sometimes dress up & almost always be one of the first in the theater.

So my idea for today's challenge comes from movies, red carpets, VIP rope, paparazzi & Feature presentation lighting. I used a basic black for my base, some Sally Hansen Red Carpet on the tips for my (what else?) red carpet. I then used some acrylic paint for my VIP ropes, paparazzi flashes, stage lights & Feature Presentation stage. Please bear with the fuzzy pictures, I didn't have my glasses on & thought they were just fine, lol, so I had to do a lot of editing to try to clarify the image.

It's supposed to say "Feature" but its too light & you can't really see it.

VIP red carpet


  1. LOL love it ~ Good job I believe we are all a little geeky in some way.

    1. lol, yeah! Next "stand in line movie" HOBBIT!