Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Fun Challenge, Day 5: Are we there yet?

Day 5 of the Summer Fun Challenge, Neverlandnailblog asks us to show our most creative road trip or vacation mani.

Well, just so happens that my Hubby & I are taking my 4 youngest siblings (I come from a family of 15) to Disney this week. It's going to be their first time there, they are ages 3-14, we will be driving 14 hrs from Houston to Orlando & spending 4 days there. So although my theme might not be the most creative, it definitely is going to be one hell of a road trip with 2 cars full of kids & adults heading for a week of fun!

For my Disney mani & I chose Cinderella as my "muse" because one of my other many sister's, Tina, was Cinderella for 3 years in Orlando a while back & I was able to visit her there & had a blast!


My nails were already painted a light blue so I just dabbed some dark blue acrylic paint, using an eye shadow sponge applicator, to make it look like night. I then did a silhouette of Cinderella & the Prince (because there is no way I could paint them that tiny, I mean my nails are like 1x1 centimeters small) I used silver for the moon & the bridge.

Here is my Disney vacation mani:


  1. This is SO pretty! I hope you enjoy your trip, have fun! :)

    1. We had a blast, got caught in some rain, but otherwise...Magic!

  2. Wow! this is such a gorgeous representation of the picture. I love the silhouettes :D