Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Batman, Dark Knight Rises:

The wait is over & the final installment of the Dark Knight starts in 24 hours. Batman has long been my favorite hero as a kid & grew into a proper adult obsession:-)

I have loved the comic books, cartoons, & all of the Batman movies. But the most recent collaboration between Christopher Nolan & Christian Bale in the latest Batman movie series has just been incredible & sadly this installment will be the last of them. Last year I got my picture taken with a particularly hot batman at the San Diego Comic Con, check out this picture, isn't he just gorgeous? I wanted him as a souvenir but the hubby said no, lol!

Anyways, the movie theater is having a marathon evening playing the two Christopher Nolan Batman's leading up to the midnight showing of Dark Knight Rises, so naturally we bought tickets right away & will be going to see it tomorrow. But, first things first, gotta get my nails ready....

I love the poster where you see the Batman logo in the middle of buildings that are crumbling down, I really wanted to create this look but didn't have time or patience to really get into a super detailed painting on my nails. Solution, I made a Batman logo cut out using a sticker label that I printed the logo on & an exacto knife. I painted my thumb white, waited for it to dry, stuck my logo stencil on there & painted over the logo with black crackle polish...came out perfect, just how I wanted it to! For the rest of my nails I chose to paint them black, except for my ring finger on which I used dark red & painted MEOW with white acrylic paint for the lovely Catwoman. (Favorite Catwoman= Michelle Pfeiffer). It came out really cute & simple, just what I wanted.


I added a "comic" editing look to it, for funsies!