Monday, June 17, 2013

Gosh holographic "Take Two"

So, I while ago I had finally gotten my hands on a bottle of Gosh Holographic & I was pretty disappointed. I think that I had seen so many high reviews that I was expecting "holotopia", I found it a bit streaky & it bubbled when I put a topcoat on & it chipped very quickly. But I was determined to give it another go & this time I was quite satisfied. A couple of things I did differently: 1. I didn't put on a base coat, 2. I applied thinner coats, 3. I didn't use a fast drying top coat. I think my biggest problem last time was the application of a fast drying top coat that caused the polish to constrain & form wrinkles & bubbles. Maybe also, the last time I tried this polish was during the winter & for some reason the color looked dull & didn't compliment my skin tone, this time I'm putting it on in the summer & the polish looks quite amazing in fact, it's gotta be the lovely summer sun effect! I took inspiration from a picture I found on Pinterest, here's the source, her's is black with silver dots so I just reversed it.

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