Sunday, September 16, 2012

Where in the World Challenge: Australia

I've gone & picked up another challenge. I know it seems a bit silly to do more than one challenge, I'm currently in the beginning of the Time Warp Challenge, in addition I have been very busy lately with 2 jobs, a house, hubby & animals to care for. But this second challenge is very low key & can be spaced out extremely well giving us about 2 months for each individual Country listed.

The Challenge was created by LifeinColor & SuperficiallyColorful. Here's the Banner:

Here are the rules, I've copied & pasted from Superficially Colorful's site:

  1. The challenge will start on September 10.
  2. You may join us at any time along, but you must keep the original order of countries and without skipping. This is why it is called "A challenge", to differ it from a random one country mani idea.
  3. There is NO time frame for each post, as long as it is in order. If you don't have time this week - you may work on your mani next week. No problem. As long as the order is kept.
  4. What should your mani look like? You decide. The country is your inspiration. How you represent it - it's up to you. It can be as simple as the polish name (e.g. OPI "Russian Navy" to Represent Russia), the country's flag mani, using a country's colors or even make a complicated artwork to represent a country. Your choice!
  5. The list of countries will be set once the challenge takes off. If you would like to add to the list - please let either Me or Gosiaknow, before September 8.
  6. Every country will have an inLinkz code so that everyone who participate can have a thumbnail link to their blog post, in every participant's post. If you play along - please email Me or Gosia so we can give you the code to put in your blog post.

    Please note: if you add your link to the display but you don't put the code in your blog post to show all other participants, your link will be deleted without warning.

Today is Australia & I have picked the Sydney Opera House as my inspiration. I used Sally Hansen insta-Dri Blue Away as my base to imitate the clear blue sky that I always associate with Australia. I then used some acrylic paints to do my tips in the curved shape of the famous opera house.

The inspiration

The result


  1. That is very nice!!! I love that you were inspired by the famous landmark)))

    1. Thanks! I initially wanted to do Koala bears, but saw that someone else had already done that. So my next idea was the Opera House.