Thursday, March 15, 2012

Movie/Nail night

It's been awhile since I've hosted one of these & I can't think of a better reason than the wonderful event of my sister arriving back in the USA after serving over a year in Afghanistan. All she could talk about was how great it is to be able to dress like a girl again, going shopping for dresses & high heels & how much she wanted a mani-pedi...VIOLA, movie/nail night it is!!!!

"Here's lookin' at you kid"
Movie choice of the night..."Casablanca"  

We cut up some cheese, popped open a few bottles of wine, while I got out all my fun little paint brushes, colors & design books. Bellow are the lovely hands of my dear friends & family that entrusted me enough to be my guinea pigs for the night...enjoy!

My returning sister Danni's hot pink design
My sister Cheri's simple red & black

BFF Tara's blue dotted tips

My Japanese inspired floral

Close family friend Kim's blue polka dotted tips

Step Mom Kristy's cherry blossoms

Hope ya'll have a wonderful week, enjoy your friends & family & count your many blessings!


  1. It was so much fun Gela! Thank you! We miss you already

  2. having a nail polish party is so fun! you get to paint so many nails at once! it is such a good idea :)

  3. I used to hold one every week, but life got busy & I hadn't had one in awhile. It's so much fun!